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Classic Streng Beams on a Streng Brothers home designed by Carter Sparks. Blue exterior beams.


The legacy site is still up for a bit longer as I continue to expand here. Feel free to visit the in-depth section there to see what's coming in the near future.

You've arrived at the home of The Beam Guy — roof beam specialist and service provider. This website is image rich and includes short videos to help homeowners make necessary decisions about preserving, repairing, and restoring exterior wood roof beams. 

You'll find answers to your roof beam questions — everything from "What are roof beams?" to "How do I know if I have dry rot?" and all the way to "Can my roof really collapse?" There's a short video covering the celebrated Streng Bros., the Mid-Century Modern (MCM) architect Carter Sparks, and the highly sought-after neighborhoods they created. Scroll down to see the highlights and quick links to get you going.

The Roof Beams page is the ideal starting place; it's more or less a roof beam primer and includes some excellent examples. Visit the Galleries page for one stop visuals. It's loaded with photos to help you easily identify roof beam dry rot along with a variety of failing repairs. To find some quick & simple info about roof beam dry rot and repairs, including short video answers, see the FAQ page. If you already know you have rotten beams and are ready to get to work, the Before You Repair page provides you with a list of essential things to ask each person you're considering hiring to do roof beam repairs.

(image is of a typical Streng home with roof beams in need of restoration due to dry rot and the cutting back of the original projections)

A typical Streng home with roof beams in need of restoration due to dry rot and cutting back the original projections.

Roof Beams

On the About Me page, you'll find a brief history of me and my ties to our community, as well as my personal building code. On the Services page you can learn about the types of roof beam services I offer, including beam restoration. Need more? Contact The Beam Guy today!

The Beam Guy

Here are the quick links to the pages on the The Streng Bros. and the architect Carter Sparks. If you're looking for Streng neighborhoods, or even information on dry rot fungi, you can find that on the In Depth page on my legacy site while I keep updating here.

Mid-century modern home built by the Streng Brothers and designed by Carter Sparks with load bearing roof beams.

In Depth



Bill & Karmen Streng

I had the great privilege of restoring the roof beams on the home of Bill Streng – a classic Carter Sparks mid-century modern home. Like many other Streng homeowners, Bill and Karmen's recently repaired roof beams began to take on water, leading to a recurrence of dry rot. And like the many that came before them, the Strengs sought me out for a permanent solution.


" We are pleased with your [roof beam restoration] work and appreciative of the extra help and suggestions you made. You came and went without disturbing our schedules and never left a mess. You finished when you said you would.Thank you so much."

–– Bill and Karmen Streng

If you're a Streng - Carter Sparks homeowner, or a fan of the "Atomic Ranch" or the MCM architectural era, you'll want to see the following video mini-documentary. The current uptrend in Mid-Century Modern design has brought a new appreciation for the need to preserve this unique architecture for future generations, as well as its place in our shared valley history. Preserving the architecture has the added benefit of preserving your home value. Restoring your Carter Sparks' Streng Beams to their full-length architectural glory is the next best option if preservation opportunities have been lost.

The Streng Bros. _ Modernist Pioneers of the Sacramento Valley
Play Video

This short film (~9 mins) was Directed by D. L. Stern, a documentary filmmaker in the Sacramento Area.

Originally airing at the '2019 Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour – 60 Years of Streng Bros. Homes', the film features an interview with Jim Streng, and weaves archival material and contemporary photography to tell the story of chance encounters and Carter Sparks’ magic behind our beloved 'Native Moderns' – Streng Bros. Homes.

Archival material provided by Steve Streng, Jim & Mary-Jo Streng, Karmen and Bill Streng, Jennifer Sparks, Dodi Sparks, Marty Arbunich and Gretchen Steinberg.

With Production by D.L. Stern, Robert MaurerGlen Warren and Justin Wood.

Dan [D.L. Stern] runs a project called 'In My Own Words', which helps people create documentary films of their lives which they can share with their loved ones. Dan has a talent for putting this kind of thing together with humor and compassion, and we’re really lucky to have him helming this film. Thanks Dan!" -- SACRAMENTO MODERN (A non-profit association dedicated to preserving and protecting modern art, architecture and design in the Sacramento region.)

Originally created for the SOLD OUT 60 Years of Streng Bros. Homes – 2019 Sacramento MCM Home Tour.

Streng Beam Restoration by The Beam Guy on a classic Streng Brothers home by Carter Sparks

Restoring The Streng Roof Beam

Restoration of Both Form and Function . . .

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of Streng Roof Beam Restoration by visiting the article 

Don't let dry rot damage be compounded by poorly designed repairs that fail to address and preserve both the architecture as well as the load-bearing function of these iconic Carter Sparks' architectural elements.

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