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I do not use tracking, analytics, ads, 3rd party trackers, email trackers, etc. I don't like it being done to me and I won't do it to you.


My site is hosted by Wix. I used their website builder to build it. It was a what you see, is what you get -- think cut and paste -- builder. I don't even pretend to know how any of it works. 

It's my understanding that Wix uses some kind of cookies. (BTW, I've always resented the tech industry for turning something as wonderful as cookies into a bad thing!) They say it's for internal security purposes, but your guess is as good as mine. Here's a link to what they have to say about it: Wix Cookies.

My email isn't hosted here. It's hosted at G-Suite. If you email me, I NEVER give, sell, or even hint about your email address. 

If you ever call me, I do not store or keep your number. I don't call you without a request by you to do so. (So no, I won't call you if your roofer, painter, realtor, or even your mother asks me to.)

Any and all information you provide for any reason is NEVER shared with anyone without your explicit consent. Your home is your private business. PERIOD.

Please do not hesitate to share with me any privacy concerns you may have. I will address them to the best of my ability.

All of the above seems like common courtesy to me, but apparently it's not so common anymore . . .

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