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Before You Choose A Beam Repair

First things first: always check the license. The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) makes it easy to check if someone is licensed, the type of license they hold, how long they've been licensed, and any disciplinary actions taken against them. You can check by name or number at the CSLB License Check. To see mine, simply click or tap on my license number at the upper left hand corner of every page. 

A clean license in good standing is the bare minimum you should expect from any prospective contractor. Below are both the CSLB's general tips and some questions that are roof beam specific. 

Once you have a written bid in hand, review it carefully; look for details and specifications for ALL work to be done. The contract is often a standard, pre-printed industry-specific form. The bid itself should be exacting and detailed to protect both you and the contractor. "You get the work you contract for..." means that general or vague terms tend to benefit the contractor and leaves you open to hidden costs in the middle of the job. 

* If you specifically need Streng Beam repair, I highly recommend you read the article Restoring The Streng Beam.  Here, you'll learn how to avoid the costly pitfalls unique to these Carter Sparks' iconic architectural elements.

A list of tips for hiring a roof beam repair contractor.

Before You Choose A Beam Repair

Below are some of the questions that should be put to a bidding contractor before you proceed with any roof beam repairs:


  • How will your proposed repair prevent moisture (condensation, rainwater, wind-driven rain) from causing rot damage in the future?


  • Will your proposed beam repair, in any way, compromise the structural integrity of my roof?


  • Have engineering and building department requirements been considered in your proposed exterior beam repair?


  • Will your proposed beam repair conform to the architectural guidelines set forth by my homeowners' association?


  • How much experience do you have in the specialty of roof beam restoration? Do you have any beam repairs over 10 years old I can see in person?

And, as always, before hiring any contractor for any work, follow these 10 tips.

If you haven't already done so, go to the Roof Beams article now. If you're ready to consider the services I offer, you can jump to the Services page or allow me to answer your roof beam questions via phone or email. If you have general questions about roof beam repairs or restoration, try the FAQ page. For a visual summary of roof beam damage and repair, visit the Galleries page. If you're curious to know more about me and my history, go to About The Beam Guy

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