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When I first began specializing in roof beams back in 1995, I was fortunate enough to meet Carter Sparks and chat with him about the best method for maintaining his architectural vision when restoring his iconic roof beams to their full load bearing function. 

His generosity of time, knowledge and spirit literally planted me firmly on the path of roof beam restoration. I am forever grateful to my client at the time, Mr. Altieri, for putting me in touch with him.


Below you will find a few resources in support of his legacy and the ongoing work of architectural preservation.

Carter Sparks Frame Residence

This site is a labor of love that has archived the works of Carter Sparks. The archivist, Justin Wood, has categories that span custom homes, modified Streng homes, and commercial buildings. The archive includes locations, names and dates of each building or home. Its clean layout makes it simple to navigate. And the archivist has a running list of sites being investigated, as well as those that have been debunked. 

MCM Mauer

From the amazing blog, Mid-Century Mauer, this wonderful article about Carter Sparks and the Streng Brothers is worth the read! 

It includes behind the scenes images and accounts of the making of the documentary and the creation of the Sacramento MCM Tour celebrating 60 years of these homes.

Immediately below is an interview with Mr. Maurer. His work on his own Streng home has been featured in Atomic Ranch and in Mid-Century Home.

Streng Brothers Homes Carter Sparks Evergreen Estates original newsprint Architectural drawing

From the pages of SACRAMENTO MODERN, an article on the iconic architect.

Carter Sparks Yee Home

Carter Sparks Magic

Drama, humor, and exoticism meld with redwood warmth for architect's quirky brand of modernism, by Dave Weinstein

From the pages of The CA Modernist written by Dave Weinstein (Photography by David Toerge), a wonderful article on the custom Carter Sparks home designed for Dr. and Mrs. Yee.

The story has personal memories and rich, warm photographs.

The Streng Bros. _ Modernist Pioneers of the Sacramento Valley
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This short film (~9 mins) was Directed by D. L. Stern, a documentary filmmaker in the Sacramento Area.

Originally airing at the '2019 Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour – 60 Years of Streng Bros. Homes', the film features an interview with Jim Streng, and weaves archival material and contemporary photography to tell the story of chance encounters and Carter Sparks’ magic behind our beloved 'Native Moderns' – Streng Bros. Homes.

Archival material provided by Steve Streng, Jim & Mary-Jo Streng, Karmen and Bill Streng, Jennifer Sparks, Dodi Sparks, Marty Arbunich and Gretchen Steinberg.

With Production by D.L. Stern, Robert MaurerGlen Warren and Justin Wood.

Dan [D.L. Stern] runs a project called 'In My Own Words', which helps people create documentary films of their lives which they can share with their loved ones. Dan has a talent for putting this kind of thing together with humor and compassion, and we’re really lucky to have him helming this film. Thanks Dan!" -- SACRAMENTO MODERN (A non-profit association dedicated to preserving and protecting modern art, architecture and design in the Sacramento region.)

Originally created for the SOLD OUT 60 Years of Streng Bros. Homes – 2019 Sacramento MCM Home Tour.

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