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Roof Beams  


If you are reading this, chances are you already have a pretty good idea of what a roof beam is. Some of the common generic terms used for roof beams can include: exterior beams, exposed beams, overhanging beams or even just beams.


The following is a discussion on roof beams, including the various types, how they function, and their arch nemesis -- dry rot. I've included short sections on the basics of proper maintenance and prevention of dry rot*, as well as how to identify this kind of decay in roof beams. The final two sections of the article show examples of roof beam failure and a variety of other ineffective repairs that homeowners have asked me to help solve.


I highly recommend starting right here before exploring the website further or making any decisions on whether or not I might be of assistance to you. 


There are two ways of navigating through this article and its sections. You can scroll up or down to the site menu and find the pages under "Roof Beams"  or you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the pages to move to the next section or to go back.  


Each of the following sections contain carousel galleries (*all photos were taken by me) designed to be quickly and easily read flip-book style. Simply click the top photo to expand and read the explanation. (On some ipads, you'll need to use a slow double tap.) Use the arrows within the expansion to read flip-book style. (On mobile devices, tap and swipe left.) 


(* Dry rot is often used interchangeably with wood rot, fungus rot, wood decay and brown rot.)

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