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An Ounce of Prevention . . .

We’re all familiar with the old adage "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In the case of roof beam dry rot prevention, it'll save you a ton of expensive cure.

How To Avoid Needing A Roof Beam Specialist

Your home is probably your most valuable asset, as well as your sanctuary. But like anything of value, it requires regular time and attention. Your roof beams, like most roof beams, are probably holding up your roof. Kinda important, right? So let's be very clear; roof beam maintenance ain't about looking pretty. Although that's an added benefit, maintenance needs to be focused on preventing dry rot fungi from setting up camp and using your roof beam as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Regularly getting up close and personal with your beams leads to early detection and remediation if prevention fails.

You don't have to be a DIY expert here, just diligent and thorough with the appropriate amount of caution using a ladder. (Some of you shouldn't be up on ladders. If you don't know if that's you, ask your spouse or your physician. You'll get the answer!)

The basics include giving your roof beams a yearly once-over, especially ones with a southern exposure. You're looking for what needs painting and/or sealing. In my world, there's no such thing as "It's just a little crack, so I can ignore it for another year." If you see it, deal with it.

If your roof beams are already in good shape, you'll probably only need surface touch-ups and regular painting.

Now here come all those caveats: Most roof beams aren't new enough construction that they're pristine and super easy to maintain. So for most, weathering has already happened. Many homeowners will need to have their painters come in and do the work required initially. Some may even need to deal with their roofers. I know it all sounds like a hassle, and yes, some expense. But trust me, it's easier and cheaper than dealing with dry rotted roof beams. But, if you think you're already dealing with rotten beams, get in contact with me and I'll set up a free inspection and estimate.

I've got two different pages on the website you can visit to learn more: Dry Rot Prevention and Detecting Beam Rot

If you end up bringing in professionals such as painters or roofers, make sure they are doing the things I recommend in those pages. Then, if you do your part to stay on top of the roof beam maintenance, you should be able to avoid needing my services.

One last piece of prevention advice: seriously consider a properly designed beam cap to shed water away from the tops and ends of your exposed roof beams. Water is life to the wood-rotting fungi out there. But, water is the nemesis of your roof beams. You don't need me to fabricate and install custom beam caps for you, though I'm ready to do so; your contractor can work with any good local sheet metal shop to get this done.

If you ever need a roof beam specialist, I'm happy to help. But, and I mean this in the nicest way, I hope we never have to meet in a professional capacity.

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